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Steempress is a WordPress plugin established by @howo and @fredrikaa that allows posts made on each WordPress blog to be automatically converted and posted to blockchain Steem. Besides making it convenient to share content published on the website also to without the need for additional editing, we also provide many additional features. This includes posting scheduling, SEO protection and more. To download the plugin, or for more information, see the link below:

As for this post is a contribution to the steempress in the form of a banner steempress posts that will be used in daily posts.

The concept of designing banners is very simple with a color theme rather than steempreess which is yellow, there is also an official steempress logo. Seen on banners containing only the main titles for daily posts or discussion posts about plugins.



That is a design concept, as for the size I use a length of 1000PX and a width of 371PX. For that size is in accordance with the banner that will be loaded in the post. The following are the final results rather than design.


Original File


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